Casual Cinecast is a weekly film/TV podcast channel where we discuss current films, TV shows, The Criterion Collection and more! 

The Casual Cinecast Crew

Justin, Mike and Chris (pictured left to right above) are three long time friends from Granbury, TX. Mike and Justin were high school friends who met Chris when they both started working at the local Blockbuster video store circa 2007. 

Chris and Justin started Casual Cinecast in November of 2017. Initially, the podcast was called Casually Criterion and consisted purely of watching The Criterion Collection in spine order. 

Soon, the desire to add a third voice to the equation led to bringing on Mike as a permanent co-host. 

Around the same time, we all decided to create a second show where we covered current film and television. This show was initially branded as "Off Week" episodes until the decision was made to rename the podcast to one name, The Casual Cinecast. Currently, we intend to cover one Criterion Collection film every month in a Bonus Episode and have changed from watching in spine order to listener chosen selections from Criterion Collection. 

New episodes are in your feed every week! Additionally, we do put out occasional Bonus Episodes where we cover an extra film or TV show or cover something that doesn't quite fall under the umbrella of our regular show.